Technology Rules

By: Simran G


Rule #1

Do not go on inappropriate sites!

Rule #2

Obey copyright laws!

If you copy something off the internet you can go to jail.

Rule #3

Do not text and drive!

If you text and drive you can have an accident.

Rule #4

Obey the traffic lights!

If you do not you can get a ticket or you can have an accident.

Rule #5

Do not give your password to someone else!

You will lose the information on that account.

Rule #6

Do not download random files!

You will put a virus in your computer.

Rule #7

Set a password that you can remember!

If you do not you may lose all your work on that account.

Rule #8

Do no give out personal information to anyone you don't know!

If you do they can track and use it against you.

Rule #9

Careful about what you post!

If you post something inappropriate it can hurt you in life (applying for a job or getting into a college).

Rule #10

Make sure you is are on sites that do not attract viruses.

If you go on sites that attract viruses that can wreck your computer.