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Welcome to the Winter Newsletter of the Professional Times!

Upcoming Free Virtual Professional Learning

CRE On-line Awareness Series Sponsored by the New York State Teacher Centers

The Statewide Leadership Subcommittee on Culturally Responsive Education is proud to present the following online courses:

Please join us for this FREE series of on-line awareness offerings addressing Culturally Responsive Education. These are live synchronous sessions using the free Zoom platform. Take advantage of this opportunity to address CRE in your school and earn 2 CTLE hours per session!

Registrants will receive the zoom link 24 hours prior to the class from

e-flyer & registration information, click below for more information.

Hard Conversations Unpacked (3/16 & 3/18) with Jennifer Abrams

Monday, March 16th, 4pm to Wednesday, March 18th, 5:30pm

This is an online event.

This class meets 3/16 & 3/18 (4-5:30 PM) Continuing the learning in the first Having Hard Conversations workshop, Hard Conversations Unpacked is an extension and deepening of the work of becoming more comfortable with the energy of conflict. The workshop revisits the key elements of the book, Having Hard Conversations, such as the outcome mapping and scripting protocol, and goes deeper to provide additional strategies for being more confident and compassionate when faced with situations involving conflict.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Keep conflict at a cognitive level that is more psychologically safe
  • Analyze possible covert organizational influences at play during a hard conversation
  • Look at a hard conversation through the lenses of culture, generation and gender, cognitive style and belief system
  • Understand the differences between a problem to be solved and a polarity to be managed
  • Respond productively when conflict escalates both in one-on -one and in group situations
  • Greece teachers earn points and CTLE hours.

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Limited Seat Alert! Register Today

No cost (registration is sponsored by the Greater Rochester Teacher Center Network)

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Student Engagement

We have long known that student engagement is a key component to learning. When students are engaged they feel connected and are willing to work hard. When students feel disconnected from a lesson they become distracted and are less likely to learn. In this time of distance learning and remote instruction, it has become a lot more difficult to keep students motivated and engaged. We can’t rely on the strategies we use in the classroom when we are teaching from afar. In this new virtual learning environment, we have to find new strategies to keep students engaged and motivated to learn. Here are 2 resources that are a collection of strategies designed to engage students online.

<Engaging Students Online Resource #1>

<Engaging Students Online Resource #2>

Greece Online

Register for badges / microcredentials and online courses. Work anywhere, anytime! Greece teachers earn points as well as CTLE hours!

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Learn More About Digital Badges Here!

Digital badges are bite sized professional learning that you complete on your own time. Greece teachers earn CTLE hours and points.

Greece Professional Learning Center

“A source for teachers... A promise for students”. The Professional Learning Center exists for the purposes of providing professional growth opportunities for the teachers and other school staff so that they may expand their knowledge about educating children and enhance their skills and classroom practices. Our center strongly believes that the outstanding student achievement is tied to a teaching staff that is well educated, professionally current and innovative.

Greece Teachers Association

The Greece Teachers Association was founded in 1956 and is lead by current president Brian Ebertz. We invite all members to join us for Representative Assembly, which is held at the GTA Office.
Need registration help?

If you need assistance registering in Frontline or have a professional learning question, contact your building based Teacher Center Policy Board member. They are here to help you.