Sixth Grade News



We have finished our genre study in persuasion. Students completed their Projects 4 Change-a combined effort for Social Studies and ELA. Their goal was to create a persuasive presentation to convince someone to act on their idea to make a change in the local or global society. I am looking forward to getting feedback from their audiences regarding the students’ impact as a result of their projects. Students were evaluated on the World Class Outcomes Construct a viable argument and critique the reasoning of others and Evaluate the relationship between ethical decisions and their impact on the global society.

This week we are starting a new genre study-short stories. The World Class Outcome of focus is Create meaning strategically in reading, writing, listening and speaking. Students will learn to analyze the elements of short stories and how authors engage and influence their audience. For the the writing part of the unit, students will have a choice in how they demonstrate their understanding of the world class outcome and the elements of a short story. It could be anything from writing a short story or play to performing one.

I have been posting homework every week on Google Classroom. Students should be going in on Monday and reading what they need to do for their independent reading response each week, and then marking it as done when it is complete.

Social Studies

In Social Studies we have just finished our last unit on doing something that will create an impact on the world, where they completed letters, slides and websites to spread the word about issues going on in our society. Students also had debates about different issues in society where they had to take a stance and critique each other about their views on the issue.

In this next unit, we are learning about different governments around the world. Students will learn about what influences a government and how different governments work. At the end of this unit, students will have a UN simulation where they are going to represent different countries and find a solution to a common problem.


We are wrapping up our unit on energy with students using inquiry to develop a wind turbine that will generate the most energy efficient design. Students will get the opportunity to submit their designs to and the winning design will earn $100. Recently, students researched ethical decisions in science such as the depleting ozone layer, nuclear energy, and water quality for open water events at the Olympics in Rio and took an ethical stance on an issue and how it would impact society. Graded rubrics were sent home, so please ask your child to see their presentation (in their Google Drive) and the rubric.

We are moving on to complex systems and will be studying weather and water. Students will be investigating how these systems interact with other complex systems and how changes in these systems influence other complex systems.


Students are currently working on fractions and ratios. This unit covers the following content:

  • Reviewing the notations for rational numbers--fractions, mixed numbers, decimals, and percents
  • Reviewing ordering of fractions
  • Reviewing operations (addition, subtraction, and multiplication) with fractions and to extend the operations to mixed numbers
  • Building connections between how the values of whole and decimal number quotients are maintained and how a division algorithm for fraction works
  • Reviewing the meaning and uses of percents and to solve problems involving percents and discounts

Restaurant Project

WCOs that will be assessed in this unit are:

  • Attend to precision
  • Model with math

4C that will be assessed:

  • collaboration

The students will work on this project for the next few weeks. Some of the activities that they will be participating in are coming up with a restaurant plan, designing a menu, creating a blueprint, designing advertisement, converting recipes, and creating a website. The kids will apply math knowledge from graphing, data analysis, and converting fractions. We should be finished with this project by the end of the first week in January. The students will have an opportunity to showcase their restaurant with other students.

Holiday Party

Can you believe that it is already time for our winter party? This year, we are celebrating as a whole grade level. We have a surprise for the sixth graders. We need at least 6 parent volunteers. If you can’t volunteer your time, could you help out with supplies? Please fill out the Sign Up Genius form to let us know if you can help with supplies or help out at the party.

Thanks your 6th grade team!