Types of Government

By Ella Cadena

Types of Government

There are many types of government. The types of government are:

  • Democracy
  • Republic
  • Totalitarian
  • Dictatorship
  • Theocracy
  • Monarchy

Examples Of The Types Of Governments

  • Democracy - Norway, France, Germany, India
  • Republic - United States Of America, Nepal, Cuba, Argentina
  • Monarchy - United Kingdom, Oman, Andorra
  • Theocracy - Japan, Italy, Rome, Russia
  • Totalitarian - North Korea, China, Iraq
  • Dictatorship - Chad, Mexico, Phillipines, Nigeria

What Do Each Of These Governments Mean?

  • Democracy means that everyone is represented and has an equal say.
  • Republic means that people elect others to represent them and make decisions.
  • Totalitarian government is when one party has complete control.
  • Dictatorship means that there is one absolute leader and the people blind obedience to him.
  • Theocracy government is when the government is controlled and based on religion of the controlling group Monarchy.
  • Monarchy means that rule and decision making is made by one individual, passed down by a family member.


The main purpose for all of these governments is to enforce laws and to protect us.

Why So Many Different Types Of Government?

There are many different types of government as you can see. The reason for the multiple types of governments are that there are many different kinds of people in this world and each believes in a different kind. There are many governments to fulfill everybody's mindset.