Tags for Thermal Printing

The tags generated by the thermal printing machines are used for the items stored in the retail houses, as it makes the job of a sales person a lot easier by printing the price tags. It is being done so as to make the identification and the calculation of the amount by the consumer easy. A lot of information can be stored in the tag generated by a thermal printer. Thermal printer or a direct thermal printer as it is known is used for the process of digital printing. In this an image is generated by selective heating of the thermo chromic paper, as the thermal paper is passed through the printing head. There forms a coating in a few areas that is converted to black because of heating, and then it produces an image. In other kind of thermal printer which is a two color printer and can print an add-on color except for black. The color produced is red and it is obtained by heating the paper at variable temperatures. The next kind of thermal printer employs a paper that is sensitive to heat and it also uses a heat sensitive ribbon. Thermal printing is process of non-embossing printing which does not involve any ink.

The main attributes of a thermal printer are explained as follows:

1) A Thermal Head: it generates heat causes printing to happen

2) A Platen: it is the place where papers are kept

3) A Spring: This applies pressure on the thermal print head which helps to contact the thermo sensitive paper.

4) The Controller Boards: this is used to control the printing process

A paper which is thermo sensitive is sandwiched between the thermal and the platen head. In this a current is passed via the printer towards the heating points of the thermal head which is used to produce heat. A thermo sensitive paper has a layer of thermo coloring which changes color when heated. This process is called the thermal or the direct system. These heating spots are closely arranged in a matrix of narrowly placed dots. These printers are known as the dot matrix printers.

To take care of the process of the thermal printers, a controller band is attached to the firmware. Multiple types of barcode, logos and graphics can be managed by firmware. Fonts of variable sizes and also the characters can be selected by the user himself. A lot of sensors are put on it such as paper in, paper out, paper low, door open etc.

Applications of Thermal Printers

The thermal printers are also employed in the exploration of the seafloor. They are swift and make no noise while printing the papers; they are also faster than that of the old dot matrix printers. These thermal printers are smaller in size are lighter and they consume less energy, which makes them the best choice for the retailers. The roller printers can be filled up rapidly. These thermal printers have a lot more applications other than this and are also being used in the hospitals and many more places.


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