Ms. Doerr and Ms. Anderson

November 10- November 14

Morning Meeting

Thursday we are starting a knitting club! We are trying to find another idea for clubs as well.

Friday and Monday will be knitting club.

Social Skills and Social Studies

Monday: Cyber Bullying lesson plan
Tuesday: Coach Abby
Wednesday: Science Prep

Thursday: Social Studies

Friday: Knitting club begins

Social Stuides

Math Review

Monday: Day 4

Tuesday: Day 5

Wednesday: Science Prep

Thursday: Day 6

Friday: Day 7


Writer's Workshop

Monday: Science Prep

Tuesday: Language standards
Wednesday: OPLA Testing

Thursday: OPLA Testing

Friday: Language standards use language notebook

Math Task Board

Monday: Looking at OPLA test

Tuesday: Math Task Board- looking at input and output boxes

Wednesday: OPLA testing

Thursday: OPLA testing

Friday: Math Task Board- looking at input and output boxes

Lunch and Recess

Check November Menu

Lunch and Recess 1:20- 2:00

Yoga Calm

Read Aloud

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Reader's Workshop

Monday: Connectors

LO: I can make connections to the text, through text to text, text to self, and text to world.
Tuesday: Finding new words- Vocabulary

LO: I can find new words and use my schema, context clue, and dictionary to develop a meaning for our new words
.Wednesday: Book clubs jobs

Thursday: Mysterious Spinners

LO:Readers use what they know about the genre and structure of a text to form predictions and deepen understanding

Friday:Mysterious spinners

LO:Readers connect their prior knowledge with what they are reading to create personal meaning.


Monday: adding and subtracting algorithms

LO:I can add and subtract multi-digit whole numbers

Tuesday: adding and subtracting algorithms

LO:I can add and subtract multi-digit whole number

Wednesday: BRAIN BREAK


Friday: Real world math problems

LO:I can solve multi-step real world problems using addition, subtraction, of multi digit whole numbers


We had 16 students not turn in their homework.

Remember the packet goes home Monday and is due back Friday Morning.

Important Dates

Wednesday: After School Conferences

Wednesday and Thursday: OPLA Testing

Thursday: Frost Lake Family Movie Night- 6pm at the Plaza Dolphin Tale II

We will be reaching out to families to do home visits, if you are interested please let us know.


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Have a great week!