Donald Trump

Gabriel Toney

What is Donald Trump like and or what are his character traits?

Donald Trump is adjusted, ambitious, inquisitive, and more. Adjusted meaning he can appear well under pressure, ambitious meaning competitive and wants to succeed, and inquisitive meaning to have lots of ideas and all of those and other characteristic traits he has can and will come in handy for his presidency. He has other traits that are not so good though like being bold, dutifulness, and more. Those can be bad by him being over self confident and thinking to highly of himself and by him not caring about pleasing others and the others, but with the good comes the bad you just have to think about which one shines more.

What are Donald Trumps policies?

His policies on different topics varies like from drugs, slowly legalizing marijuana an wining down the war on drugs to gun control, no guns for people on the terrorist watch list and buying lots off ammunition and body armor should be a red flag. Those are just two out off many of his policies.

What our country will be like in four years.

If Trump is elected the economy could grow, he could fix the immigrant issue, and others but there could and would be some bad things like the people getting riled up an other stuff.