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Chapters 13 & 14


Feudalism is a classification of landholding and governing. This system made its way to Europe. The system was established on obligations and rights. Granted land was provided by a lord for military protection or any other services given. Whomever accepted the granted land (fief) was named a vassal. Status determined an individuals jurisdiction and importance in the feudal system.
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Manor System

The lord's estate is the manor. The manor system is a underlying economic classification. The manor system is based on rights and understandings within serfs and their lord. A lord gives serfs protection from bandits, housing, and farmland. In acknowledgment, the serfs accomplish caring for the lord's animals, lands, and represent other tasks to preserve the estate.


The role of the knights are to defend their lord's land in exchange for granted land/fief. Knights are proposed to demonstrate endurance in battle and attachment to their lord. The representative knight was brave, courteous, and loyal.

Technology & Strategy of fuedal warfare

The main change for knights were the leather saddles, it changed the way warfare was conducted during the 700s in Europe. This leather saddle kept warriors from falling, being firmly seated, and was able to hold weapons.

Role of catholic church

The catholic church took control to give preservation. The church had also began many Crusades with to gain back the holy land. Christians were able to enter the church due to the Crusades. The church in the middle ages was also a supreme.

problems facing the catholic church

Many of the village priests would marry and have families. Certain marriages were adjacent to church rulings. Kings appointed church bishops using the practice of lay investiture. Church transforms understood the church itself should commission bishops. Bishops impressed circumstances in the church.


The Crusades had social, political goals, economic, and religious inspirations. The king and the church thought it would be a good chance to use Crusades to extinguish the quarrelsome knights that dispute with each other. Later in the Crusades merchants remunerating by making loans to invest the journey. What would the Crusades get? God, gold, glory.

england- limited consitutional monarchy

Parliament is another word for a legislative group. Parliament was part of a royal tool that could weaken the great lords. Parliament provided a check on the royal power.

Hundred Year's war

The hundred years war that continued off and on from 1337 to 1453. This war brought a transformation in the description of warfare in Europe. The impact of the Hundred year's war impacted the prestige and power of the French monarch increased. An understanding of nationalism originated in England and France. There was a period of suffering with the English of internal turmoil.