Why Merton?

These are the great things Merton has to offer!

  • Merton has an incredible staff who all have a desire to provide the best education possible for your child.
  • Communication across all stake holders (Weekly from building Principals, Bi-weekly from Superintendent, Teachers report grades, homework, and messages via Skyward, Board of Education meetings are viewable online).
  • Common behavior expectations across all grade levels 4K-8 ("The Merton Way").
  • Continued support of our one to one (1:1) initiative to supply every student in 3rd-8th grades with a Chromebook or netbook.
  • A 2:1 ratio of student to technology devices (netbooks, iPads, iPods, color Nooks, desktop computers) in the Primary School.
  • Focus on the Core subject areas while infusing 21st Century teaching and learning strategies.
  • Implementation of the State Common Core Mathematics curriculum two years ahead of the state (Everyday Math in grades 5K-6 and a new 7th and 8th grade math curriculum aligned to the Common Core).
  • Implementation of the State Common Core Writing curriculum (Columbia Teachers College Writer's Workshop throughout the entire district).
  • Implementation of the State Common Core Writing curriculum (Columbia Teachers College Reader's Workshop throughout the entire district).
  • Implementation of Google Applications (Apps) by students and staff which allows collaboration and creativity.
  • Strong commitment to Response to Intervention (RtI) in each grade level.
  • Implementation of Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) assessment to showcase each student's abilities in math, reading, and Language Arts.
  • Required STEM program in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades.
  • Visual Arts class available for all students- Specialized curriculum focusing on creativity, collaboration and communication through artistic mediums such as drawing, painting, print-making, sculpture, fibers, pottery and digital Art forms.
With a focus on student achievement, our Board of Education is committed to keeping our class sizes low as a benchmark to ensure great student engagement, teacher relationships, and continued social, emotional, and academic growth. Our commitment of strong communication to our families and community will continue as we need to make sure our parents understand what is happening in all phases of our district.

If you have any questions regarding the open enrollment process, please contact Barb Emmerich at (262) 538-1130.

To learn more about our district, feel free to contact:

  • Mike Budisch, Primary School principal (4K-3rd grade) at (262) 538-2227
  • Jay Posick, Intermediate School principal (4th-8th grade) at (262) 538-1130
  • Lori Viola-Larsen, Director of Special Education/School Psychologist at (262) 538-2227
  • Tina Heizman, Director of Information Technology at (262) 538-1130
  • Ron Russ, Superintendent at (262) 538-2227
Thank you for your interest in our exceptional school district!