2 Gifts for You...

Here's a little somethin somthin for you...

from Jim Donovan

Happy 2013!

I want to give you a belated holiday gift. I've created 2 new ebooks for you to check out. I am giving them to you because... well... you rock. I appreciate you taking the time to read my emails, for coming out to my events and for all of your support through the years.

Book 1 is called SOUND EMPOWERMENT.
Inside, I show you how to use sound to:

  • Energize the brain and clear the mind
  • Lessen resistance, fear and apathy
  • Create deep relaxation and stress relief
  • Expand conscious awareness
  • Unblock energetic and emotional congestion
  • Open creative thinking and expression
Download it here. (Yes it is free).

Book 2 is called Drum Circles: How to Start Your Own!

Inside you will discover valuable tips, techniques and concepts about…

  • 10 Social Benefits of Drum Circles
  • The documented health benefits of group drumming
  • Questions to consider before hosting your own drum circle
  • The 3 Steps to a Successful Drum Circle
  • 8 Easy Ways to Create Harmonious Conditions for Your Drum Circle
  • How to Get and Keep the Groove Going
  • A Drum Circle Event Check List
  • Drumming Circle Location Ideas
  • 8 Event Promotion Ideas
  • Tips On How to Improve Your Rhythmic Abilities
  • Tips on Good Instruments for Drum Circles
  • Information on where to learn more and get training
  • Information on Sound Empowerment Trainings
  • 34 Tips To Improve Your Drum Circle
Download book 2 here.

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Jim Donovan

Jim Donovan is a musician, teacher and motivator whose mission is to empower, inspire and connect people.

In his work, Donovan records, performs, writes, and offers workshops in the US and abroad focused on using rhythm and sound as vehicles for personal and community transformation. He was a founding member of the multi-platinum 90's band Rusted Root and was voted "Drum Circle Facilitator of the Year" by the readers of Drum! magazine.