4/5's Newsletter!!

Carmel Edu-Care

Week in review..

What a busy week we have had. We have been making windmills, practicing our writing, reading lots and lots of books, sharing our pictures from our shared reading book "Who said Red?", working on our number recognition, learning about the letter W and just plain ole fun!! Today we had a yummy morning snack, we made dirt and ate Worms!! DELISH!!!

Don't for get to turn in your permission slip!!!!

Sneak peak at next week!

Next week it is all about the planets..... We will make a solar system, go to the planetarium, read, play games and listen to music that has to do with planets and space... A very busy and exciting week is what I have planned for us!!! :O) Have a great weekend.. If you are running/walking the mini GOOD LUCK!!!!