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U School Humanities

Save the Date Poem In Your Pocket April 21st

Sign up to perform a poem, make people smill by passing out poetry, parading our poetry puppets and more... See Mr Reed Mr McGeehan, or Jamira / Diamond for more information.

U School Celebrates National Poetry Month


On Thursday, April 21st, the U School will celebrate our 2nd annual Poem in Your Pocket day. At the U School We Love. We Dream We Do. Help up spread poetry cheer and happiness.

Our Core Value for the month of April is Collaboration -the action of working with someone to produce or create something

We have less than 50 School days remaining. To complete all the humanities course requirements, get on track and stay on track you should be doing 5 10- hours of HOMEWORK per week. I know you don't like the H.W word, But You can't avoid it if you plan to receive credit for this mandatory course.

Below is important news you can use.

Humanties Team- Check Us Out: Then & Now

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