Police Officer

Miami Florida Police Department


To become a FBI detective you have to at least a bachelor's degree. When you are an FBI detective you have a really big task on your hands. One of the major things that a detective does is enforce the laws, they also respond to quit a bit of calls. A FBI detective makes about $28.20 per hour and about $58,988 a year. The location of the main headquarters is in Washington D.C. When I grow up I want to get a job doing this in Miami Florida. Human Resources, Miami coordinates : 25.7753° N, 80.2089° W

Email- Miami@ic.fbi.gov Phone: (202)324-3691

Living in Miami

Price of the house: $7,750,000

gas: $3.33 per gallon

food: $750 a month

utilities: $300 a month

How to contact the FBI of Miami

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