Room 113 News February 3rd

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Field Trip February 15th

We will return to the Prasert Islam School on Monday February 15th. Students will be delivering bilingual ABC books they have been working on. This is the second grade service learning project. Our class will spend the morning with another second grade class. Permission slips will go home next week and need to be returned to school completed by Friday, February 12th.

From our Counselors

Dear Parents,

This week, the counselor’s lesson was focused on problem solving. Everyone has problems--at home, at school, or at work--that need solving. Using the Problem-Solving Steps helps you come up with a lot of safe and respectful solutions to choose from.

The Problem-Solving Steps are:

  1. Say the problem. Before moving to the next step, you’ve got to say the problem respectfully. That means saying the problem without blame. Saying the problem in a way that blames the other person can cause hurt and angry feelings, and no one wants to feel hurt or angry. When people are hurt or angry, it’s even harder to solve problems.

  2. Think of solutions (you can think of Kelso’s choices for solutions or other creative ideas!)

  3. Explore consequences by asking “is it safe, is it fair, how will others feel, will it work?”

  4. Pick the best solution.

By following the Problem-Solving Steps, children are more likely to come up with prosocial solutions to problems.

Be sure to talk with your child about this important lesson!

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G2 Celebration of Learning

From our music teachers:

"The ES Music Department cordially invites you to the G2 and G3 Music Celebration of Learning on February 26th at 1pm in the Chevron Theatre. Students will perform songs, dances, and instrumental pieces that they have learned this year. We hope to see you there!"

What have we been learning?...A quick update.

Reading - This will be our last week of series book clubs. Students have practiced using conversation "moves" to help discuss topics long and strong from their series books. Mr. Hagen has listened to all students read at length in the last few weeks and is proud of the strong overall trend of growth. Next week, our class will start studying reading fluency, which is SO important and often a gateway for students to increase their ability.

Math - This week's focus has been multi-step addition and subtraction. We have worked in groups and partnerships in our t-shirt factories managing our inventories and preparing orders. This has been a great opportunity for students to practice math skills in a concrete context.

Writing - We are publishing our final reviews and will soon post them outside our classroom for the community to read. We have continued our work on structure and organization as well as how writers revise and re-write their work to make it even better.