Alibi & Hadius

By: Ava Ollenburg

Alibi & Hadius

Long ago lived Alibi and Hadius the god and goddess of gold.They never, ever share and are horrible at doing it. When someone even comes in to talk to Alibi or Hadius they chop off their head because they think that they might steal their gold.
But one day Alibi was feeling nicer than usual. She wanted to give everyone some gold. But Hadius said, “What are you thinking?” Alibi answered, “Maybe you should be asking yourself that question.” “Why?”, replied Hadius. “We need to get better at sharing”, said Alibi. “For once, I agree” replied Hadius.
Now Alibi and Hadius are very good at sharing, even when it comes to gold! They don’t chop off people’s heads anymore either! One more thing, Alibi and Hadius learned to trust their instincts because something good may come out of it.


Ava Ollenburg