Polar Bears

By Jasmin Padilla May 8


Polar Bears live in the cold Arctic region and it really cold temperature. The ice is thick layer of ice and the ground is covered in low growing plants called tundra.When the season comes the polar bears move north pole for colder place to live.

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Polar Bears have two legs. They run fast as 35 miles per hour.They dig their claws into the ice to run fast and keep from falling, Polar bears have short,stocky legs and big paws to provide strength. They are amazing jumpers when they hunt on sea ice. Polar bears walk front legs turn in slight as they moves head slowly back and fourth. Polar bears dive into the sea and swim , they can stay to two minutes underwater.They can go more deeper than twenty feet underwater. They use their front legs and paws to move forward and their back legs to guide them through water, also some Polar bears can swim as one hundred miles in one time as 6 miles an hour.They have long necks and large front paws.

Body Covering

Polar bears have white fur to blend in the snowy landscape to help them hide while catching their prey.White fur helps polar bears stay warm in cold weathers and going in cold water.Polar bears have molting and shedding furn when they go to deep underwater and still have white fur but their fur looks old.Polar bears have five inches layer of fat called blubber. polar bears are protected from cold temperature by their streamlined. polar bears are not cold Because light colors cool their body by reflecting the sun rays to their white fur.Polar bears are vertebrate because they have a backbone.


Polar bears hunt with their light color fur to sneak up on seals and others preys. Polar bears eat 15%-20% of food.A huge seal could last up to 8 days without a polar bears eating. Polar bears drinks 4 gallons of water, most fresh water is frozen so they eat the ice on the ocean. Polar bears eat seals,walruses,and beluga whale. Polar bears don't chew their food they sallow their food in chucks. They use their huge claws and sharp teeth to capture and kill their prey.If a seal, beluga whale is outside the den the polar bear grabs it with it paw and eats it one per two gulps. Polar bears are carnivores.


Polar bears are sexual at about four to five years.Polar bears mother cubs develop inside there stomach.Polar bears can have 1 to four cubs .Adult female give birth once every three years.gestation period is about 8 month. females gained 200 kg (441lbs). Dens protect newborns cubs from winter temperature extremes.Polar bears are internal because they sperm inside the egg. Polar bears female take care of their cubs until there 2or 3 years old.Cubs open their eyes with the first month and walk about two month also cubs weight 22-33 lb.
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Polar bears are the largest members of their family .Polar bears prefer to live alone except during mating season with family. Male polar bears are hard workers while females take care of the cubs. Males are very strong swimmers and they can use their front paws to paddle through the water.Polar bears look on land and underwater for food that is only meat.Polar bears white fur helps them hide for hunting .Polar bears are fast swimmers that they can go about 100 km. They can go as far 3-4.5 underwater.Polar bears run for 40 km.Plat fighting with male bears are also a behavior polar bears play .


  • Males can grow two or three size of females (10 feet tall)
  • polar bears females weight 350
  • polar bears coat is about 2.5 to 5 cm thick
  • nicknames ghost bears,white bears, and ice bears
  • forty two teeth
  • good sight and smell
  • males weight fifteen hundred pounds
  • Polar bears scientific name is sea bear


1. I was supposed to find some interesting facts about my animal of the topics.2. My favorite part was finding facts about polar bears cubs and their birth.This was my favorite part because when we go to the zoo my mom is going to tell me a lot of questions of polar bears cubs.3. If i could do this over i will shorten my sentence more shorter and less sentence.I think i add to much sentence about polar bears and their speed under the ocean.4. I think i got a B because i add to much information and forgot so things of questions. 5.My feelings about this project was exciting and happy because before i started i had a lot of questions to think about, but when we started to research all my answers were answered.I really love to research about animals and history so much i really enjoy this project.