Congaree National Park

Madison, Brooklynn, Katelyn

Native Plants

  • Cardinal Flower
  • Hairy Elephant's Foot
  • Virginia Dayflower
  • Blue Lobalia
  • Ladies' Tresses
  • Butterfly Pea

Native Animals (mamals, reptiles, and amphibians)

Reptiles Reptiles Amphibian

- Wild boar - Eastern box turtule - Green anole

- Ringtail racoon - Black rat snake - Black rat snake
- Virginia opossum - Black racer - Eastern cottonmouth

Non-native Plants and Animals

  • Wild Hogs
  • Rainbow Trout
  • Kudzu
  • Mimosa
  • Orental Bittersweet

Human imact on the Ecosytem.

  • Feeding animals/ could feed them something they dont need to eat and that could harm them very badly.
  • Littering

Ecosystem Services

High elevations, exposed landforms, moisture, fog, rainfall, and a well developed organic layer.
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Present Protection or Conservation Laws

  • Security Check (At entrance)
  • No shooting animals
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Additional Information.

  • Created November 10,2003
  • Eastern time zone
  • Lowest average tempature - 34 degrees in january
  • Highest average temapture - 91 degrees in July