Delete Grape Fanta

By, Anonymous

Delete Grape Fanta !!!

You go to the cafeteria and stand in the lunch line. Meanwhile you see someone taking a choice of Grape Fanta or low fat chocolate milk. What would you choose????

Initially, although some may say Grape Fanta is healthy because it has grapes; this is untrue because just because a drink has a fruit doesn't mean it is healthy. For an example, take Grape Fanta. In one can it has almost a quarter of the sodium, or an unhealthy chemical you are supposed to eat per every 24 hours. Scientists' studies show that too much sodium can cause high blood pressure. It's better to stick with low fat chocolate milk.

Secondly, Grape Fanta includes almost 4 times the sugar you must eat per day. Even though some people say that sugar problems are not severe, they are wrong because sugars are the leading cause of diabetes and high blood pressure.So, Grape Fanta is

Thirdly, the beverage, Grape Fanta is so harmful it is listed as one of the top ten unhealthy drinks. Scientists and doctors are warning the public about using Grape Fanta. If we don't delete Grape Fanta now we will be unhealthy.

Last but not the least, Grape Fanta is proven to be hardly nutritional or natural as it states on the bottle. Although some may say Grape Fanta never lies, they are misinformed Grape Fanta is 100% artificial. It is harmful to health and you!!!!

In conclusion, Grape Fanta is very unhealthy and definitely destructive. So join us to regain our health. Today, you will sign up and discourage the use of Grape Fanta. What are you waiting for come and sign up!!!

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Thursday, March 31st, 3:30-3:45pm

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Lets do a pep rally against Grape Fanta!!!