4th Grade's Weekly White Tiger


Week of September 21st

Dear Parents,

It has been wonderful getting to know your child over the past few weeks! Here is a look at what’s coming up:


Grammar and Conventions

Students will practice imitating mentor sentences. We will create a common and proper nouns chart that includes titles of people, geographical names and places, and historical periods. In spelling, students will use their menu and spellingcity.com to practice and learn r-controlled vowels.


Partners will read to discover the context clues that help define each vocabulary word. We will create an anchor chart with students to show the two ways to describe a character- Outside Traits vs Inside Traits. The teacher will model finding Opal’s actions, dialogue, and thoughts in Winn Dixie and how to create an inference about her feelings and/or traits. Throughout the week partners will work to find the main character’s action, dialogue, and thoughts. They will discuss inferences they can make about the main character’s feelings and/or traits in the texts read in class.


During this unit students will write multiple personal narratives. Students will use mentor texts and a rubric to discover the features of an effective personal narrative. They will use a graphic organizer to plan their personal narratives, and draft their narratives using this designed plan. Students will revise, edit, publish, and share their personal narrative. They will become more proficient in this writing process by rehearsing it with a variety of prompts during writer's workshop.

Social Studies

Students will explain how and why the first people came from Asia into North America. They will identify and compare American Indian groups in Texas and the Western Hemisphere before European exploration. Students will describe ways people adapted to and modified their environment in order to survive.


The primary focus of this week will be multiplication. Students will learn and apply strategies and algorithms, including the standard algorithm, to multiply up to a four-digit number by a one-digit number and to multiply a two-digit number by a two-digit number. We will determine products of a number and 10 or 100 using properties of operations and place value understandings. Students will represent the product of 2 two-digit numbers using arrays, area models, and equations. By fourth grade, it is imperative that your child knows their multiplication and division facts fluently. We will have “Sprints” (timed drills) on a weekly basis. We strongly encourage your child to practice their math facts at home every night. Flash cards, dice, dominoes, cards, math apps, and websites are great ways your child can become more fluent with their math facts while having fun at the same time. Here are some great links for math fact practice:

- http://www.factmonster.com/math/flashcards.html

- http://www.wildmath.com

- http://www.funbrain.com/math/

- http://www.abcya.com/math_facts_game.htm


Students will continue to demonstrate that some likenesses between parents and offspring are inherited, passed from generation to generation such as eye color in humans or shapes of leaves in plants. Other likenesses are learned such as table manners or reading a book. We will explore how adaptations enable organisms to survive in their environment such as comparing birds' beaks and leaves on plants.

Important Dates and Reminders:

  • Please follow the link to explore parent resources: http://www.risd.org/group/parents/parents_main.html
  • September 22nd- Vision and Hearing Screening- If your child wears glasses, please make sure they bring them on Tuesday
  • September 29th- Class Group Pictures
  • October 6th- Fall Individual Picture Day
  • This year we get to resume our Smart Snack Express fundraiser for our 4th grade Austin trip. We will sell items on Friday afternoons at dismissal time. We are allowed to sell 6 times per year. The first Friday sales will be October 2nd . We need your help by donating any type of snacks that are packaged individually (chips, brownies, granola bars, fruit snacks, sodas, etc.) We have had great success with sales in the past so every donation helps!

***Special Notes***

  • Please make sure you have turned in your child’s $40.00 field trip money. This money will be used as a deposit for our Austin field trip.
  • Please make sure you have returned all forms to your child’s teacher.
  • If you have any ideas or suggestions about fundraising please email your child’s teacher to share your ideas. Also, if you know of any businesses that might be willing to sponsor us then please send the information to your child’s teacher at: aurora.mays@risd.org, jennifer.romes@risd.org, amanda.mcleroy@risd.org or tanya.camacho@risd.org. Thank you!

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