Year in Review

Top 3 Marketed Companies:

Apple a worldwide brand that is probably the most dynamic in technological history introduced the new iPhone 6/6s and 6Plus. The company seems to always find a way to lure in new costumers and are so good at it they will continue to dominate the phone industry for years to come.

YouTube this social media, video viewing site has been a huge go-to for people everywhere! the number 1 video source, it seems, to be for everything. This past year it introduced YouTube Live where you can watch live events on the Channel. Truly evolutionary.

Amazon has been a huge useful source for online buying. It has been around for a while and just continues to grow. People can buy movies and books, even food!

2 Best Introduced Products of 2015

iPhone 6s another apple phone that proves to be another step forward in the smart phone industry.

iWatch take an iPhone and slap it on your wrist! this revolutionary product makes it easier to carry around all of your technological things on your wrist...easy access.

Top 2 Movies of 2015

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The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Described as the next new James Bond. The action packed film was released in mid-year.
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A film directed toward the younger audience it features upbeat hiphop music and rap artists.
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Justin Bieber

The comeback kid who was shunned from a lot of people because of his off the stage antics released an album that left millions of Beliebers in shock and awe. A well respected Justin Bieber is now near the top of the music charts once again.
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A well liked artist listened to by millions upon millions of listeners worldwide. Drake is from Canada just like Bieber and just proves that the American Dream is still possible.

Top 15 TV Shows of 2015 (TIME Magazine)

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#4 Inside Amy Schumer

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#2 Masters of None

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New Year's Resolution---personal

Personal Improvement: I will try to be less rude and throw away all trash I see.

Family and Friends: I will try to do more activities with my family instead of work.

School/outside world: I will do more activities outdoors and focus more on school.