All about Mackenzie

Mackenzie Klein

Top three ways I am smart

  • People smart
  • Nature smart
  • Body smart

learning style

My learning style is learn by doing. I like to do things hands on like helping my dad work on things in the pole shed.

Three career clusters

  • Arts
  • Education and training
  • Human serveses

The job I reserched

Medical diagnostic and Treatment Specialists. The salary is $255,400 per year.

My hobbies

  • Reading
  • Biking
  • Playing with my cats
  • going up north with my grandma and grandpa

Personal Globe Inventory

  • Social


  • Being nice
  • Helping people

Holland code

My holland code is social. I try to be nice to everyone. I like volunteering to help out with things like the soup kitchen in church.


  • Bowling
  • Go carting
  • Going to my woods
  • Playing my trombone