Mike Krzyzewski

Head Coach of the men's basketball team at Duke University

Top 50 Leaders Research

I chose Mike Krzyzewski as my leader of the worlds top fifty leaders. Krzyzewski was voted for the number twenty spot of the fifty. He is the head coach of Duke University’s men’s basketball team and has led them to four national championships (in 1991, 1992, 2001, 2010). He has been with Duke for 34 seasons and has been elected National Coach of the Year twelve different times. He is always recieving the students support of Duke and he gives it back to them by when they set up a tent outside of Cameron Indoor Stadium and they get inside of the stadium on game day he often buys them pizzas. He also is giving contributions to the Duke's Childrens Health Center and recived the Honorary Alumnus Award for this in 2002. In 1997, the university recognized him for his role on the campus and awarded Duke's highest medal, the Medal of Honor.