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Buy Neptune!

A once in a lifetime bargain of only 12.34 quinquagintaquadringentillion US dollars (a one with 2701 zeros after it) is offered for the planet Neptune! There are many reasons to why you should buy it! Here is some information:

  • Mass: one hundred two septillion, four hundred sextillion kg (two hundred twenty septillion lbs)
  • Diameter: 49,244 km (30,599 mi)
  • Made mostly of: Hydrogen
  • Distance from earth: 29.10 AU
  • Temperature (surface): -201 °C (-329.8 °F)
  • Shipping: 3.7 billion USD (For one trip and back. [Note: you will probably die])

If you are interested in purchasing planet Neptune, please call 1-800-PLANET-SERVICES (1-800-7526-3873-7842-37)

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Neptune (planet): Instamentary



The Sounds of Neptune by QUENTIN PONDER