The Colosseum Channel

The form of first entertainment in Rome

It is now the anniversary of the colosseum and we shall inform you on the history of it

The Colosseum was built by emperor Vespasian in 70 AD and could fit 50,000 visitors.It had 80 arches across the back and front and was a very popular amphitheater.When it was first opened 5,000 animals had died in the gladiator fights.People thought of it as very cruel because they forced gladiators to kill slaves in it and about 750,000 slaves had died in it.It was built on Nero's lake and got partially damaged from stone robbers and earthquakes.
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Gladiator fights were the most anticipated events in the Colosseum and were held day and night.They fought with criminals slaves and animals some gladiators were volunteers that risked their life to amuse the audience.Gladiators were considered as very inspiring and brave people because they fought lions.They rode on chariots and chased animals and slaves and carried big swords which they used to sacrifice them with.To be a gladiator you would have to go through training and if you rejected you would be sent straight to the arena.
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Join the gladiator fights now because you could become very popular as Rome's entertainment.