Fun'raising FAQ'S

Q: What is the organization responsible for?

A: In different forms of fundraising the organization is responsible for different items. A detailed list will be given to the organization of their role in the fundraiser once the fundraising agreement is signed.

Q: How do we take the orders?

A: An order form will be given to you based on what fundraiser you have chosen. It will be easy to follow and will come with a sample one filled out so you can see how it is done. You will also have the consultant’s info to contact her with any questions that you may have about ordering.

Q: What will the proceeds of the fundraiser be?

A: The proceeds will be based on your consultant’s commission and you will receive (insert % here, can be varied based on consultant)%. So for example lets say the consultant receives $1000 in commission you will receive (insert amount based on the percentage you chose).

Q: Whom do the customers make the checks out to?

A: We suggest that you have the customers make the checks out to the organization and then once all orders are collected and a final tally is taken on the amount owed a check can be made out to the consultant so she can enter and pay for the orders.