Cost $9.79 for per 100g


  • Symbol: Cu
  • Atomic Number:63.546
  • Atomic Mass:29
  • # of Protons:29
  • # of Neutrons:34.546
  • # of Electrons:29
  • Melting Point:1084.62
  • Boiling Point:256
  • Normal Phase:Solid
Classification: Metal

Origin of name:Latin word for Cuprum

Discovered by: Unkown

My element belongs to the Transition Metal family

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For copper is $9.79 per 100g

Interesting Facts

  1. Copper has not been discovered.Nobody knows who discovered copper.
  2. Gun metals and American coins are copper.
  3. Copper is most common use is in electrical equipment such as wiring and motors.
  4. Copper is used in roofing, guttering, and as rainspouts on buildings.
  5. Its is also used in plumbing and in cooking ware and cooking utensils.
  6. Copper is a sulfate is used as a fungicide and as an algicide in rivers, lakes,and ponds.

This copper


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