Culminate Ocean Pollution!

Big Waters Equal Big Meaning!

What Causes Ocean Pollution? And How Does It Affect Society's Health?

Ocean pollution is normally caused by...

*black water (sewage)

*gray water

*ballast water

*anti-fouling paints

*commercial garbage

*pollution from ships

*habitat destruction


It Affects Our Health By...

*Makes Us Humans Ill

*Oxygen Levels are decreasing for marine animals, due to human resource's (caused by factories)

*Sunlight is Low

*Run off is High

*We and Animals are inhaling harmful substances

How Does It Affect Our World? And What An Expert Has To Say...

It Affects Our World By...

*Economy risks are higher due to the lack of selling of seafood (because it isn't safe to consume)

*Resources are Low

*1.1 billion lack water access

*2.4 billion don't have good sanitation

*Animals and People are being harmed by the garbage in the water

What Professor Robert P. Mason Believes...

*It is important to realize that achieving a 20% decrease in mercury deposition will require substantial cuts in current anthropogenic emissions, given the already very sizeable build-up of mercury in terrestrial environments and ocean waters,” said Robert P. Mason, Ph.D., professor of marine sciences at the University of Connecticut.

*He means that mercury is damaging, and could increasingly become the main damage of the marine waters.

How We Can Advocate/ Prevent Ocean Pollution? And Work Cited

We Can Advocate and Prevent Ocean Pollution By...

*Follow laws being required by law to protect and leave oceanic ecosystems alone

*Recycle instead of dumping waste in the ocean

*Not dumping harmful matter into oceanic ecosystems

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