Important women in the industry

Manuel Rodríguez, José Manuel Rodríguez y MªJosé Rodríguez


We are going to talk about three Important women in the history of Industry.

- Caroline Jones.

- Marie Curie.

- Kristin Titus

Caroline Jones

Se was born in the 1 of january of 1938. Se was an Australian radio and television journalist and social commentator. She joined the Australian Broadcasting Corporationin 1963. Jones was the first female reportar for This Day Tonight. She became a presentar of Four Corners. Since 1996, Jones has presented the weekly biographical program Australian Story on the ABC. This woman has won numerous media awards, for example, a Logie in 1972 and several Media Peace Prize Gold Citations.

Kristin Titus

She is the founding director of New York City's Techs Talent Pipeline, leading the Mayor's $10 million commitment to support the growth of the techs sector. She is the former executive director of girls Who Code, the organization secured founding from 25 corporate and foundation barners. Kristin was named one of TIME Magazine's '' 30 People Under 30 Changing the World".

Marie Curie

Marie Curie was born in Varsovia, 7 of november of 1867 and She died the 4 of july in the year 1934. She was a polish scientific. She was a pioneer in the radioactivity. She won two Nobel prizes, one in chemical and the other one in physics. She shared She physics la nobel with her husband, Pierre Curie, in the year 1903. She discovered two element, polonium and radium, and She founded two Curie's institutes, one in París and the other one in Varsovia
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