By Sebastian and Lene

Recreation and Entertainment

California is home to very fun places. Some people go there to go to DisneyLand. A popular place is Sea World.LegoLand is a very fun place if you like Legos. They also have an aquarium. There is a zip line called the Catalina zip line. They also have guided tours of different city's in the state. Beaches are very popular in California. Surfing is a popular sport. Frog jumping contests are an annual event.

Land Forms

The Red Wood is the California state tree. California has many mountains and deserts. The Saguaro cactus can grow up to 60 feet tall. California is home to deer,elk,foxes,Bobcats,mountain lion,and coyotes. California's most major city is Los Angeles. The Golden Gate Bridge is in California.
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The first people in California were the Natives.The Spanish arrived and made a mission. Finally, the English came. Then the the Gold Rush was discovered.The great depression came soon. Millions of years ago most of California was under the sea. Long ago saber tooth tigers roamed California. The Spanish arrived in the 1700s. California did not become a U.S. territory until 1847.
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Fun Facts

California`s state animal is the grizzly bear. Did you know California has a a state fossil? It is a saber tooth tiger. The state capital is Sacramento. There are more people in California than in any other state. The population is 29,760,021. Did you know Death Valley can reach up to 134 degrees ? Also the first McDonalds opened in California.
San Francisco City Tour - California - U.S.A.