The Genius' Log

eTwinning Project


Along the history and all over the world there were very clever people that were very important for the development of the world society. They were called genius. They often traveled to come into contact with new places or other genius. In this project we are traveling with some of them across Europe. We have created some representative mini genius of our countries and sent them to other countries following a route and with a letter to introduce them. When they arrive there, our partners not only do they teach them different aspects of their culture, gastronomy and go with them to visit different cities and places, they also learn about them and why they are called genius. The genius stay in the country for two or three weeks approximately, and then, they travel to the other country following the trip route.

This project has been a help to work different knowledges about curriculum and could implemented a different kind of interactions with children in an innovative and creative way. The children were waiting all the months anxiously for the genius’ arrival. It was a great idea for a project to implement and know the past and traditions in each country and in the neighboring countries.

We have been doing different kind of activities with the Genius and we intend to continue to diversify activities in different curriculum areas - knowledge of the world, social and personal formation, expression and communication.

Tojais Kindergarten - Penafiel - Portugal