The Weekly Memo

Jesus is happy to come with us, as truth is happy to be spoken, as life to be lived, as light to be lit, as love is to be loved, as joy to be given, as peace to be spread.--Saint Francis of Assisi

October 14, 2015

Staff & Student Spotlight

  1. Great job ensuring that students are listening for their numbers and lining up with their group, during dismissal.
  2. Conferences were a success! Thanks for all your long hours and extra work this week!
  3. Reflections from data day were thoughtful and informative.
  4. Great student work & in a variety of formats! We have some great "authors" in our building!

Important News for Monday, October 19th

Monday, October 19th~ Diocesan Inservice & Benefits Fair:

8:00-3:00 : Benefits Fair (*Bring a picture ID and your UMR insurance card with you)

  • Venders will be here to meet, greet, answer questions, assist with changes or enroll in benefits

8:00-Noon: Fasting Blood Draws

11:00: Mass with Bishop John at MQHR

Afternoon: Lunch at LCHS Cafeteria & Guest Speaker in LCHS Auditorium


  • Please follow the link to signup for your evaluation if you haven't done so already:

  • EVERY INVOICE MUST HAVE A PO SIGNED BY PAULA! This includes credit card purchases!
  • Send your lesson plans 24 hours in advance to both Paula & Amy, and the self-reflection (bottom of the lesson plan) before post-observation conferences.

Friendly Reminders:

  • Fall Break has ARRIVED! Get some rest and enjoy this beautiful, fall weather!
  • Please turn in an absence request form for both planned and unplanned absences so those can be documented. Paper copies are preferred as those are channeled through several steps.
  • Please turn off projectors when leaving your room for periods of time to save energy and the cost of replacement bulbs.
  • If you have a problem or situation arise, please seek assistance from Paula or Mairead first before contacting outside personnel.

Save the Date:

  • October 20-23: Morning Duty

(Front-P. Smith/Back-M. Klein)

  • October 15 & 16: NO SCHOOL/Fall Break
  • October 20: PK4 Field Trip, CKS Spelling Bee & Cane's for lunch
  • October 24: Catechist Training at LCHS
  • October 26: Mix It Up at Lunch Day
  • October 26-30: Morning Duty

(Front-A. Smith/Back-C. Gibson)

  • October 26-30: Red Ribbon Week

Monday--Stomp Out Drugs! Wear a Red CKS

Shirt, uniform pants and your favorite boots!

Tuesday--Lei Off Drugs! Wear a Hawaiian shirt

with uniform pants.

Wednesday--Put a Cap on Drug Use! Wear

a cap with your uniform.

Thursday--Team Up Against Drugs! Wear your

favorite team’s shirt with uniform pants.

Friday--Say Boo To Drugs! Wear a Halloween-

Themed shirt with uniform pants.

  • October 27: 6th Gr. Field Trip & Committees
  • October 29: Trunk or Treat @ 6:30
  • October 30: Kindergarten Field Trip & Halloween Band Concert @ 10