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The Department of Motor Vehicles or DMV is a United States of America's government agency that regulates driver licensing and vehicle certifications. The agency is liable in the following field: driver's licenses and identification, driver certification, vehicle certification, vehicle ownership, and law implementation.

People who prefer to purchase a second hand or used cars need to use a license plate lookup. There are tons of free online sites that offer free license look up where you can review the vehicle that you're eyeing. Aside from the free site, State DMV also extends the use of their exclusive plate number lookup solely for a limited purpose. Using your state DMS's license plate number lookup, you'll be provided to check the plate number's availability if you're opting to personalize your license plate or to review the vehicle recorded data via VIN decoder.

What is a DMV License?

It is a motor vehicle certification validated by the government bureaucracy that administers the identification amongst the vehicle and the owner, which is also known as a vehicle identification number. The license number is imprinted in metal or plastic plate and placed on the front and back of the vehicle. Every state has its distinguishing color scheme, logo, and registration number format for license plates.

What can you know when you seek for a DMV license?

  • Market Worth - You'll be able to know the market price of the vehicle; in this case, you'll have an idea if it's worth the penny.
  • Vehicle Specs – You'll get to identify the vehicle's broad specification like the car's dimension, wheelbase, load capacity, air-conditioning, and seat materials.
  • Fuel Performance - You can check whether the vehicle has “fuel economy" consumption, or does it use plenty of fuel.
  • Security Rating & Warranty - You'll get notified if the vehicle has insurance.
  • Ownership History - You'll get to know who possesses the vehicle.
  • Odometer Reading - The odometer reading will inform you whether the vehicle had committed crimes such as odometer fraud.
  • Accident and Crime (theft) - You will be notified if the vehicle been involved in an accident or has obtained damaged. You'll be notified if the vehicle has appeared to be stolen.
dmv license plates lookup

List of States in US Where You Can Check The Vehicle’s License Plate

West Virginia

West Virginia's Department of Motor Vehicles allows their DMV plate search for those who opt to personalize their license plate.

For standard and scenic plates, a maximum of eight characters is provided. Six characters for 9-11, wildlife and motorcycles license plates, five characters for patriotic plates. A minimum of 2 characters is also acknowledged. Numbers, symbols, special characters such as punctuation marks are not allowed.

West Virginia’s DMV Site:

South Dakota

South Dakota Department of Revenue Division of Motor Vehicles has its license plate lookup for personalized plate availability. The agency grants personalized license plates for certified non-commercial registered vehicles such as automobiles, trucks, and motorbikes.

Taxi and transportation vans fall out to the commercial vehicles category that caused them not qualified for personalized plates.

The plate must not include special characters such as punctuation marks. Plates for cars and trucks could use up to seven characters and a maximum of six characters for motorbikes. Space is calculated as one character.

South Dakota’s DMV Site:


If you are a potential buyer of a secondhand car in Idaho, go and check the license plate and the license number of the owner in Idaho DMV's vehicle certification site. Fill out the seven-character license plate number and nine-character driver license number to verify if the vehicle is not stolen or being traded by an illegal dealer.

Idaho’s DMV Site:


The city and county of Honolulu offer online services where you can verify if the vehicle you are opting to purchase is being marketed by an unauthorized agent. Proceed to the Honolulu Motor Vehicle Inquiry site and register the last four numbers of the vehicle identification number and the license number. Also indicate if the vehicle is an automotive, a motorcycle, or a trailer.

Honolulu’s DMV Site:


The State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation establishes a site where you can review the vehicles listed in the state via searching the plate number you can classify the vehicle's data such as the vehicle year, vehicle maker, and the license renewal reference number. When entering the plate number apply the number 0 rather than the letter O and avoid using spaces or hyphens when typing in the plate number.

Wisconsin’s DMV Site: