My Future

Kyle Ogborn

Brain Hemisphere

My Left & Right Brain

I am a left and right brain i use both sides of my brain so on one side im creative and on the other im for real and responsible in other words
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My Color Orange

What my color is and what so great about it. As an orange i like to have fun while learning

i like to do hands on activities i motivate other people and charm people up and do things very quickly and get things done. I'm fun to be around i make others laugh and get people to enjoy their selves i think of lots of things to do and often lead the way i like to have freedom and do lots of activities i enjoy sports trips and participate in special activities your very flexibility and skillful

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Decision Making

conceptual style

when making decisions i tend to follow the conceptual style. People with that decision making style are insightful,enthusiastic, complete task by using intuition, seeks new ideas is adaptive flexible,wants independence enjoys achieving personal goals. Others sometimes perceive my decision making as too uncompromising, slow indecisive, difficult to control.the best organization fit for my type of decision making is one that allows for loose decentralized setting informal and simple organization.
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Motivation/Stress Level/ Team Style

Introvert/ Extrovert/ Ambivert

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I am a Extrovert

Because extroverts are energized by interaction with other people, extroverted children may need some time to wind down after having spent time socializing with other children. For example, if an extroverted child attends a party, he can come home still quite excited. She may want to talk about what happened at the party, if not with her parents, then with her friends. If the party is in the evening, the extroverted child may have a hard time getting to sleep because she is still full of energy.

An extroverted child may be quiet and get bored easily when he has to spend too much time alone. Once he is around others, however, he may immediately perk up.

Kuder Navigator Results

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Career With Budget

Real-Life Arkansas

Trans., Storage, and Distribution Managers


Annual Salary




Remaining Annual Income


Monthly Income












Health Care










Student Debt Loan


Remaining Balance


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Top 3 Career Choice

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Top College Choice

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#2 John Brown University

City and state: Siloam Springs Arkansas

John Brown University is private university

The enrollment size is 2,779

Total per year 34,164

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High School Plans

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Pea Ridge High School

Graduation day is May 23, 2020

Conclusion Section

Kyle Ogborn

" If at first you do not succeed then try again until their no light at the end of the tunnel"
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