Be a man! Be a cowboy!

Ranch hand for hire

Cowboys needed!

Cowboys are needed to move longhorns through trails, through rain sleet and snow. You will need experience with cattle. The goal is to get the cattle to the railroads to send up north so my pockets get fat, and so yours do too.

(Caption- A picture of a longhorn)

What you'll be doing!

Ride or die

This job won't be easy, and it will require everything to be done right for us to prosper. You will be required to take care of my cattle. Whether it's from grazing them in the open range or making sure they are traveling safe in the long drive. You will start your journey in San Antonio, Texas and travel to Kansas City, Kansas. The goal is to get to the railroads, if you get there the cattle will be shipped up north and our money will be shipped back down! It will be long days and nights but it will be worth the money. You might find obstacles like barbed wire from stingy farmers. You will have to finesse your way around it and find a better, more clearer path. This job will also require great mental and physical strength because you will be required to move my cattle in any weather condition!

Get the respect you deserve!

Driving your cattle cross country though harsh conditions and long nights is well worth the money and the respect you get from it. Be a man and work to make your pockets fat and your economy thrive! Be one of the only to say that they have traveled the Chisholm trail and survived with the great longhorn! Your work will be idolized for years to come! Be a cowboy! Be legendary!

(Caption- The map of the great Chisholm trail!)