Van Schroeder!

This Page is all about the AMAZING....... Van Schroeder!

Van Schroeder "Quick Facts!"

Hello, my name is Van Schroeder. I have lived in Marshall Wisconsin for my whole LIFE! I'm twelve while I am writing this but by the time I turn it in I will be 13. My birthday is on November 15. I am a visual learner. I love being a leader and presenting things. I love the color yellow and brown. I like to make wood carvings. When I grow up I want to be a Primary Care Doctor in New Hampshire. Want to go camping or have a fire pit, count me in! Playing a game of disc golf at Langer Park, i'll be their to! My goal is to win an Emmy award from the Chicago Emmy awards just like my friend Emma. I love traveling and seeing new places! Also, I like sush!

Who I live with.

I live in Marshall with my Mom Debbie, Dad Shaun, Melanie my dog, Blossom and Bluebelle my 2 kittens, and my Zebra Finch, (his brother was eaten by one of the cats). I am an only child which I think is pretty weird. I have always wanted a sibling. When I was little I was told I might move to Iowa, but I guess I am still here. I really want to move to either California, New Hampshire, New York, England or New Jersey. Their is no way I am living in Marshall When I am older!

More Facts About.... ME! (Hobbies)

1) I love to sing.

2) I'll watch any movie as long as it is not scary!

3) I go to Lake Waubesa Bible Camp every year. (lwbc)

4) Don't give me money.

5) I have never seen Star Wars.

6) I have gone almost 2 years without having a TV inside my house. (help me!)

7) I'm obsessed with Christmas!

8) I won a free train ride from Cousin Subs.

9) I hate spiders!!!!!!!!!!!!

10) I want to have 2-3 children and name them Sawyer, Peirson, and Bently.

My biggest goals and wants in life!

1) I really want the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

2) I think it would be cool to try to live in my own for 6 months.

3) My goal is to live to 101 years old.

4) Another goal is to win an Emmy Award!

5) I have always wanted to eat guinea pig meat.

My Favorite Poem.

Morning, still

By Van Schroeder

Bright like the stars are my

bicycle rims.

twinkle, twinkle, shine.

as I ride


ride through the glistening morning.



foggy mist.

blinding sun shines,


shines through swaying fresh green leaves.

empty sky,

that looks upon,


my bicycle rims,

twinkle twinkle,


People I look up to in the world!

1) All of my teachers!

2) My parents!

3) Joey Graceffa

4) Shane Dawson

5) Rico Rodriguez

6) Carrie Diedrick

7) Angie Dugan

8) Josh Swalheim

9) Livia Goff

10) Alex, Joey and Robert Rockman.

11) Emma Guild

12) Paul Perterson

13) Randy Jones)

14) Isabelle Wollermen

15) The Kregness Family