Egypt Is Back!

1550 BC


Ahmose won for Egypt!

Ahmose has just won Egypt back for us! He battled and finally beet the Hyksos! It's time for Egypt to celebrate! If it wasn't for Ahmose, Egypt probably would of ended up not existing anymore! Now, we all praise our pharaoh!


What happened to Egypt?

If you do not know what had happened to Egypt before Ahmose had to win it back, this is it. Egypt was conquered by the Hyksos. It was the first time in 1500 years that Egypt had been conquered. The Hyksos were on the north part of Egypt. There were also Nubians on the south part of Egypt. Egypt was trapped in the middle of Egypt, in between the Hyksos and the Nubians. Then finally after a long period of time, Ahmose won Egypt back!

We still remember!

We still remember out great pharaohs that we have had. Some of them were:

- Narmer

- Khufu

- Khafra

- Menkaure

- Mentuhotep 2

When the Hyksos and the Nubians surrounded Egypt


Let's celebrate!

Just to show how much we praise Ahmose, we are having a huge party, just for him. We will celebrate how great it is to have our Egypt back!

Location: At Ahmose's palace

When: When the sun sets tomorrow night

It's a celebration!


Marlie Kahan...

Marlie Kahan said, "I think that it is so great that we finally have our Egypt back, and I feel that everyone else also feels the same way! I'll be at the celebration and I hope to see you there too!"

Paloma Garcia...

Paloma Garcia said, "I am a Hyksos and am very upset! Egypt deserves to be conquered because the Hyksos are way better than them."


Very hot!

The good news is that Egypt is starting to get cooler now, but it is still very hot! The sun is very bright, but we also do have plenty of water! Let's just make it through these next couple of weeks, and then Egypt will start to be very cool!


The population of Egypt!

The population of Egypt is still very small. It is still very small, but it also still continues to grow. We think, and are hoping, that in the next couple of years, we will have a lot more people! We really really hope so!
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Do you need a job?

If you are a scribe and you are looking for a job, then you are in luck! Ahmose, our pharaoh, is looking for scribes! If you would like to be one of the scribes working for Ahmose, then report to his palace tomorrow when the sun goes down!


Joke of the day!


Business is going great!

Miranda Cutler stated, "My business is fantastic this season! I'm a merchant and so many people are coming to buy all different sorts of things from me! I'm so excited to see how this business turns outs!"


What everyone's loving!

Everybody is really enjoying our Egyptian bread! Stop buy one of our markets and pick up some of that really delicious bread! Lexi Bancroft said, "Wow! This bread is really good! This is now my favorite thing to eat! I'll come back tomorrow for some more bread!"
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There has been some crime!

Ella Talerico is trying to break into the main temple and steal all of the gold inside. Luckily, one of the priests who was inside, saw her and stopped her. She has just been hung and killed and now priests are trying to be a lot more careful with protecting their things inside of their temples.