7 Burgundy Newsletter


Upcoming Events

  • No school for students, 2/12/16
  • No school, Presidents Day, 2/15/16

Social Studies


We have begun exploring the vast history and cultural achievements of the ancient Chinese civilization. Students worked in groups to create an A,B,C Chinese Dynasty book. They were challenged to think outside the box with an atypical a,b,c formula. Ask your child about this project.

Students are experiencing more use of technology across the team through the use of www.newsela.com and Google Classroom, you should expect to see them using the computer more often if the work is not completed at school. This is an excellent opportunity for them to prepare for 8th grade BYOD as well as open up another world of resources to enhance their learning.

I have already created 2 Newsela articles to read and take a quiz to assess their comprehension along with 2 new Google Classroom assignments. Both activities are connected to our current topic of ancient China.

We will be studying ancient India starting mid-February.

Language Arts

Third quarter is off to a great start with understanding of tone and conflict in different medias, with creating and finding figurative language and with reading and writing different types of poetry. Next week, students will be bringing home a biography. The biography will need to travel between home and school. Students will be expected to read approximately 20 minutes a night Monday through Thursday. Class time will be used for discussion and activities.

Students will be assigned a large poetry project which consist of three parts, recitation, research, and writing at least ten poems. Due dates differ per part, however, students will have a month to work on this assignment. Some class time will be given but parts will need to be done at home. Ask your students where they are in the project.

Please continue to check my website, http://penngrow1.pbworks.com/w/page/84092506/FrontPage. This is a great resource for when students are absent or are missing assignments.


This has been a great start to learning about the human body. We are currently finishing the Skeletal and Muscular Systems. All station work and worksheets for this unit are all due by the students' scheduled block day: FEBRUARY 10th or 11th. ABSOLUTELY NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR THIS UNIT!! In addition to all work due on these days, we will also have the Skeletal and Muscular systems test. Students really need to take extra time to study for this test because they will need to be able to spell the scientific names to all 26 bones and 11 muscles learned in class. So, please help by quizzing your son or daughter on these bones and muscle groups as a way to prepare for this test!!

The rest of the month will be spent about the Circulatory and Respiratory System. Both these systems are fun and exciting to learn about, but they can be challenging to understand. So, it is extremely important to stay caught up on all material and assignments!!

Important Dates:

2/10 & 2/11 - All Skeletal & Muscular Stations Work and Worksheet are due (NO LATE WORK ACCEPTED!!!)

2/10 & 2/11 - Skeletal & Muscular Systems Test

2/26: Circulatory System Travel Brochure - Counts as a test- NO LATE BROCHURES ACCEPTED!!!!!


Algebra-We are continuing with Chapter 5, graphing linear equations.

Pre-Algebra-We are continuing with Chapter 3, proportions and ratios.

Please make sure students are completing nightly homework.