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Columbian Elementary - 5.16.16

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Carthage Behavior Model - update of topics

1. Ideas for when and how to teach Tiger Traits (new poster by the office – smaller posters coming for each classroom)

2. Designated time to teach CBM ideas – Building in the routine of class meetings to teach expectations and build relationships.

3. PAW tickets – individual AND classroom – new and different ways to reward for those displaying Tiger Traits

4. Reflection/Think/My Choice forms – We are reworking on Think Sheet to include the most important part...processing. Also Think sheets will help us find students who need Student Support Team interventions.

5. BIST – Some teachers are attending training in July. They will be sharing with our building and the district (Coach Endicott presented BIST to PV this week!).

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Staff Lunch

After the students are dismissed on Tuesday, May 17, all staff can head down to the cafeteria for a small reception for all those retiring or leaving from Columbian next year. Loaded baked potatoes, pulled pork sliders, salad, dessert and drinks will be available for all those who placed their order with Kim.


RECORD SETTING BOOK FAIR!! Over $4,000 in sales! Thank you to Diana and her helpers for working the book fair. We love it when our students get books in their hands.

Teacher Check-Out

Teacher check-out will be this Wednesday, May 18 after we get back from the district breakfast. When you have completed your check-out sheet, come to the office and have Mr. Shallenburger sign off on your paperwork. Please note that contracted staff cannot leave before 1:00 pm that day per admin.

Weekly Schedule

Monday, May 16: 10 am Fire Drill

Tuesday, May 17: Last Day of School; 8:30 am End-of-the-Year Assembly; 1 pm Early Dismissal; 1:30 pm Staff Lunch in the cafeteria

Wednesday, May 18: 7:30 am District Breakfast at the HS; Teacher Checkout; Inventory due to Heather

Friday, May 20: 8-11 am Summer School Staff Training

Looking Ahead

Monday, May 23: SS Begins 8:00-2:30 pm

Monday, May 30: No SS, Memorial Day

Monday, June 20: Last day of SS


May: 2nd Kelsey Baucom; 15th Charity Schneickert; 19th Gina Banks; 26th Bryan Shallenburger; 29th Tabby Compton

June: 12th Shanna Pugh; 13th Kimberly Kester; 16th John Logue; 21st Nathan Stewart; 22nd Arieanna Tilton

July: 13th Teresa Blankenship; 16th Caitlyn Royster; 17th Larry Parsons; 20th Morgan Stiles; 21st Rosario Solis; 25th Bridget Silva; 26th Rick Eubanks