King of the Gods

How did Zeus become king of the Olympian gods?

Zeus was known as the almighty ruler. People believed that he presided as deity over the Universe and all laws of nature. Zeus and his two other brothers, Hades and Poseidon, defeated their father Cronus which was the ruling Titan at the time. They then split up the world and the three brothers each got a different part of the world. Hades got the underworld, Poseidon got the Sea, and Zeus got the sky. They did this as a drawing to see who will succeed their father as king of the gods, instead of acting out violently. Zeus won and he was named king of the gods and god of the sky.

The Eagle of Zeus

Zeus is often depicted in pictures with an eagle. The eagle is called Aetos Dios which was Zeus's messenger. Some say that the eagle was once a king that was honored like a God because of his mighty acts. Zeus was going to kill him because of this, but the God Apollon changed the king into an eagle. Later, before the Titan War, the eagle showed up to Zeus. Zeus took this as a good sign, so he made the eagle his messenger.

Zeus's Birth

Cronus heard a prophetic curse that his children would overthrow him. In order to stop this from happening, he swallowed all of his children. Rhea was pregnant with Zeus at the time. She went to Crete to give birth to Zeus in one of the many caves there. Nymphs took care of him, so that he would be safe from his father. When Rhea returned to Cronus, she gave him a rocks wrapped in clothing. Right away, Cronus swallowed the "baby." Zeus grew up on Crete. When he was adult he tricked his father into drinking something that made him throw up all of his children. When he vomited, his children were full grown adults. Then, all of his children worked together to destroy Cronus. They banished Cronus and the other Titans into the depths of the underworld called Tartarus.
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