The Scientific Revolution

John N. 3rd

What was the change?

The change in the scientific revolution is about the change in how people look at things like thing that they didn't truly understand.It gave new ideas for people to think about like physic,astronomy,biology,and anatomy. The time when the change happened was during the time of 1550-1700.

Who were the people that was associated with the change?

How did the the change impact society at the time?

At that time they mostly knew about the world though religion,so when people start to prove the church wrong, people start go away from religion. People started the try to learn about the world instead of just going by religion. People was finally about to learn and make progress with learning.

How that change evidenced in today's society?

Today we were about to learn more thing than we could back then,like if we would stayed the same from back then it would different. If we would stayed the same we would be able to have what we have now. With people learning and making new things we have what we have now. In today's society we depend on many things that was make back then was improve so the world is easier to live in.