Mario (A short summery on Nintendo)

Bags Becerra


Nintendo is a name that almost everyone is familiar with. They're the creators of some of the most well known games such as Zelda, Metroid, Kirby, and Mario. Nintendo is one of those company’s that make such good games that they make the fans want more. Believe it or not Nintendo actually didn’t start from making games. Nintendo’s founder Fusajiro Yamauchi actually created Nintendo to create Hanafuda cards. This continued until 1929 when Fusajiro passed the company onto is his son in law Sekiryo Kaneda. Nintendo continued to make Hanafuda cards until 1949 when he retired and passed the company down to Hiroshi Yamauchi. This would be where Nintendo takes on a whole new appearance. In the late 70’s Hiroshi thought of expanding Nintendo to the United States. In that time arcade machines were the new big thing. Expanding to the United States did not go over so well because the children didn’t seem to take any interest in Nintendo’s products. According to the Nintendo Wiki, “ Many children in the U.S. did not show much interest in Nintendo’s products, like Sheriff or Radar Scope.” (Nintendo Wiki 1) Nintendo tried to build a new foundation for Nintendo but was having some trouble doing so. Hiroshi went to Shigeru for help. This was the beginning of something big for Nintendo. (Nintendo Wiki 1)

A gaming icon

Most people don’t know that Donkey Kong was actually the intended mascot for Nintendo once the first game Donkey Kong was released. In the first Mario game Mario is a carpenter who is on a quest to save his damsel in distress Pauline who would later be known as Princess Peach. In the first Mario it is said that Donkey Kong ran away from being mistreated by Mario. In the second game Donkey Kong Jr. Mario is the villain who in the beginning of the game kidnaps Donkey Kong Jrs. father Donkey Kong. Mario does he can to stop you from progressing though the game. Donkey Kong was Nintendo’s mascot for awhile. After working on the Donkey Kong series Shigeru thought about his other sprite Mario and decided to work on him for awhile. Nintendo came up with a game called Mario Bros. this introduced Mario taller brother Luigi. Nintendo decided to make a sprite similar to Mario so they took the Mario model and changed the colors on the clothes and Luigi was created. The Goal of Mario Bros. was to rid Brooklyn of the pests coming through the sewers. The goal was to knock enemies on their backs by hitting the block beneath them. After doing so the player ran into the enemy to defeat them. This was the spark of something great. Donkey Kong 3 was released but was one of the most unsuccessful game Nintendo ever made mostly because Mario never made an appearance in it. This led to further development in future Mario games. The next game to be released would be Super Mario Bros. This is where Nintendo got their start. According to Nintendo Wikia, “Oddly, Nintendo left Mario out of Donkey Kong 3, which became the least successful game in the series. This perhaps proved to Nintendo that, despite Donkey Kong being the title, Mario was the true hero of the series.” (Nintendo Wikia 6) Nintendo has made Mario the main character in mostly every Mario game made. Even before Nintendo had any thoughts of a new mascot the fans found one. (Nintendo Wikia 6)

Graphics and Gameplay

Nintendo started its series with 8 bit graphics, simple game mechanics, and a small plot to the game. Mario went from a sprite jumping over barrels to a mushroom eating, brick punching, chasm leaping plumber.Everything changed when the Nintendo developed the first 3D video game console in 1995 when they made the Virtual Boy. This was the first system to introduce 3D graphics. Although it was 3D it caused the users to have headaches, and nausea leading to low sales. Nintendo wanted to keep their sales up so they later created the Nintendo 64. This introduced all new 3D . Nintendo continued the 3D Mario games with Mario party, Mario Tennis, and Super Mario Sunshine. Graphics wise Mario has gotten better over the years. Wii and Nintendo DS didn’t keep its fans waiting. They released many Mario games once those systems came out. According to the Nintendo Wikia, “ Nintendo announced Super Mario 64 and revealed astonishing 3D Graphics that showed a newly rendered Mario Jumping around in environments that were never thought possible previously.” (Nintendo Wikia 2.4) Mario games has captivated its fans with all of its games and as years go by it earns more fans and profit. Everytime Nintendo releases a Mario game they do something new with everyone whether it being amazing graphics or new ways to play Nintendo always comes out on top. (Nintendo Wikia 2.4)


Throughout all of the Mario games music has played a huge roll in the success of the game. It wouldn't be the same without it. When people play Mario they want to hear some jolly or fast paced music to go with the scenery. When people play the game they want to remember hearing a tune they can remember. The musical genius behind the music is Koji Kondo the composer for games such as Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, and Star Fox. Koji’s work has been recognized by all the Nintendo composers. According to Nintendo Wikia, “His work is the most recognized among all of Nintendo’s composer’s, largely due to the fact that he has been with the company since its NES years and has written the music for most of their biggest titles. (Nintendo Wikia 1) If Nintendo didn't have Koji who knows what music they would have. Definitely not the classic and well known music Nintendo has now. Music plays a huge role in the success of the Mario games and without it Mario wouldn't be as famous as it is today. (Nintendo Wikia 1)


One thing matters in every company’s success and its the community. Every company wants to get lots of fans to support them. Nintendo’s community is one of the loyal community’s that want to support their favorite company so they buy merchandise, games, and other products. Nintendo has a majority of the gaming community’s support. Everyone loves their games and when a new one comes out they’re ready to buy the game knowing its gotta be better than the last. Nintendo also has a lot of hidden surprises for its community. This would be known as “easter eggs”. They are hidden surprises throughout the game that are meant to be found by meeting a certain criteria or just by simply stumbling upon them. One of the most famous of all the easter eggs is Kazumi Totaka’s Song. It’s a special 19 note piece that can only be heard if the player sits on a screen for an amount of time or meets a criteria to unlock the song. This is only so the fans of Nintendo can go searching around their favorite games. This makes Nintendo time to think of doing more easter eggs in their upcoming games. According to Nintendo Wikia, “Totaka’s Song is a simple, 19 note melody that Nintendo sound designer Kazumi Totaka is known for inserting in the titles that he works on. The song is very simple and is often hidden several minutes into a rarely-heard song in the game, requiring the player to find a place where the song plays and wait.” (Nintendo Wikia 1) Nintendo always thinks about its community and wants them to have a challenge and to have fun playing their games. They love to put secret things in their games to make it so people will keep searching the game for that easter egg. This is why a lot of people like Nintendo. (Nintendo Wikia 1)