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Call us now for top notch, quality standard cleaning!

Kathy is here to help you keep a clean home and garden environment. She is more than happy to help you! Kathy cleans one room, two rooms, however many you have, she'll do it! She will also do any ironing and garden cleaning that you require tending to. She will help you keep a clean and respectful outdoor environment as well as indoor! If you're at all unsure of anything that she will or won't clean round the household then get in touch and ask! Details are located at the bottom of the flyer!

We also do some GREAT #EXTRAS

For Pensioners, Disabled or for people just short of time!
We do some special offers.
- Fetch Shopping
- Pick up prescriptions

- Fetch tablets (if required)
- Dog walking

Dog walking is a speciality! If it is required, Kathy will be more than happy to walk one of your lovable family pals!

She owns her own animals so is more than happy and capable to do so!

Hours & Pay

Full house cleans will require a minimum of ONLY 4 HOURS to do at the VERY LOW PRICE of £8 PER HOUR!

Light house cleaning and/or Gardening will require a bare minimum of ONLY 2 HOURS at the same price as shown above.

For the #EXTRAS, the amount of additional time will depend on the tasks that require completing and the amount of tasks that are asked of Kathy. Per task, the additional pay that Kathy will require will be open to haggling...


Bet you're interested now, eh? #KallNOW!

There are many ways you can get in touch with #KathyKleansUp.

They are listed around this both.
The twitter is under the title!
In regards to the twitter, add #KathyKleansUp to your tweet!

(Now you know why we added the hashtag. Smart, isn't it? Staying modern)