Are you Thriving 4 Free?

If Not . . It's Time!

There are many ways to share what Thrive has done for you

Thrive is something that must be EXPERIENCED so that your friends understand why you are so excited about it! As your brand promoter, it's my job to partner with you to ensure you have the best Thrive Experience and share with your friends!
1, We can have you share on a quick Family N Friends call (less than 10 mins) what you are experiencing and invite your family and friends to join and listen in.

2. Share this email with 10 of your friends.

3. Dana can offer Thrive Trial Packs at a discounted price so they can "experience" the simplicity of what this can do for their life.

4. Make a post on Social Media tagging with a caption of what you love most about your Thrive Experience inlcuding a picture is a great visual.

5. Go to www.facebook,com/levelbrands and share any stories in a private message that you think may relate to them.

I am here to team up with you! I want to ensure you remain Thriving and we also can share with your friends = WIN WIN for you and them! Big Hugs - Dana

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