How a natural change can be a problem



As a result of the fusion of the poles, now the level of the sea is increasing. So after thousands years of fusion, the sea will inundate the shores. At the same time that this change occurs, the animals of the polar region will lose their habitat. Due to this fact, in the city of Kyoto ,in Japan, most of the industrialized countries of the world signed the Kyoto Protocol. The objective of this protocol is to decrease the the greenhouse effect and end with the melting of poles. The ONU figures about the contamination are that in 2100 the earth surface temperature will increase from 1.4ºC to 5.8ºC.


Recent news from russian's Siberia.

As a result of the actual increase of the temperatures, the vodka of the russian's Siberia is evaporating!

Yesterday, there was a demonstration in Moscow. There were more than 2.000.000 people there. The Vodka Russian Assembly is planning other demonstrations in other places of the country. This phenomena probably will make a domino effect to the other countries of the world because Lituania's vodka started vaporizating. The expert people predict that after two months this will occur in Catalonia

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The sublimation is a strange change. The notice is that a responsible of the swimming pool of the Blackadder hotel in York was putting chlorine capsules in the swimming pool and one of these was liquid!

The responsible was disconcerted because after three years of job, he never has seen some like that. After this fact, the hotel called a scientist and this one made a verdict. The maker of this product was arrested last thursday.

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Fusion or melting is the name of the change from solid to a liquid. When the temperature increases the solid particles absorb the energy for the cange and start melting, the particles go from being close together to lide after broke its bonds. The melting point is the point where this phenomena occurs. Example: Ice to water. Water's MP=0ºC


Vaporization is the process for change to liquid to gas. The maximum point of this change is the boiling point, is called boiling point because after this point, the water start changing to gas. Example: Liquid water to water vapour. Water's BP=100ºC


Sublimation is the change from solid to gas. This is a strange phenomena because there are a little amount of elements which do this process. Example: Chlorine can change from solid to gas.