By:Blerim Mezini

There is 3 types of matter called liquid,solid, and gas.The molecules are really close as a solid a little spread out for liquid and far away as gas. When liquid gets hot it turns into gas then water vapor. When molecules reach boiling point they evaporate,and when a object is hot molecules move quicker.When something gets cold the molecules inside huddle up and barely move.Also when something evaporates it goes up to the clouds then, turns into a liquid and when the cloud overflows it starts

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Everything is made out of matter matter is anything that takes up space.Matter is made out of tiny things called atoms, which are attached to molecules.Molecules are made out of 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom or H20.Molecules in water are pretty close but move and slide past each other a lot,Molecules in a gas are very spread out.Liquid has a fixed volume but not a fixed shape.
Gas does not have a fixed volume it is ment to expand like in a ballon.Solids have a definite shape and definite volume so, its shape can not change unless it turns into a liquid or gas.There are other states of matter but solids,liquids, and gas are the most well known.
Another type of matter is plasma a electrically charged gas that stars including the sun use. Even lighting uses plasma and fluorescent light bulbs in your house class room or anywhere use plasma too.There are also colloids which is another type of matter.Colloids contain 2 separate fazes of matter,examples of colloids are butter,paint, and jello.