Winslow's Weekly Update

What's Happening in Room B-4


For the next three weeks we will be focusing on a couple of new reading strategies. The first is Fix-Up Monitoring. Good readers use strategies to clarify their understanding when comprehension breaks down. We will talk about ways to do this. 1. Reread to clarify. 2. Stop and think about what you read. 3. Ask questions. 4. Read ahead. 5. Talk about what you read. The second area of focus is on summarizing. We will practice how to tell what the story is mostly about.

We will learn about words that have the long o in words. The letters that make this sound are -oa and ow. ( boat, coat, slow, snow)


This week we will be working on measuring to the inch, comparison and rotation of shapes and congruent shapes.

Important News

***No school on Monday. It is President's Day.

***We had to say good-bye to our classmate, Brenden today. He is moving to Maryland. We will miss him but know he will do great at his new school!

***Spirit Week this week:

-Tuesday- Mismatched/Mix-up Day

-Wednesday- Wacky Hair Day

-Thursday- Groovy Day (60's and 70's)

-Friday- Tropical/Summer Day

***We will be celebrating our 100th Day of school on Friday. We are 100 days smarter!!!

Monday- No School Tuesday- PE Wednesday- Music Thursday- PE Friday- Music