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Direct Democracy

Imagine if you were to live in an direct democracy, where everyone has a say and the people are able to vote on what happens. Wouldn't that be great? Multiple viewpoints would be shared and people would come to a conclusion based on what the people want. In a direct democracy, what you want to do in society is valued.
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In a dictatorship, you have no say in what goes on, the only opinion that matters is the dictator's. You have no privacy or right to vote. Laws can be revoked and the dictator tells you how to live your life. Why would you want to live in a dictatorship if you have no right to vote? If some laws are revoked, that could cause an increase of crime! There are also higher taxes in a dictatorship, nobody likes high taxes. Living in a dictatorship is terrible for the people. It's up to you to make a decision if you want to live in a dictatorship or not, but if you were to take my advice, I believe living in a direct democracy is a better choice!
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