Employees of the Month

Congratulations Lisa Ray and Rachel Hansen!

We want to congratulate our most recent Employees of the Month...

"Lisa Ray should be employee of the month because of her hard work and dedication to our students and reading. She is willing to do whatever is needed for the success of our school and to help students love reading, including make them a cup of hot chocolate! :)"

"Rachel Hansen has so much patience with the AU children. She works so hard to individualize her lessons to meet their personal needs and goals! "

Congratulations to all nominees!

  • Angie Headley and Lisa Ray for all of their hard work with Read Across America week and the Book Fair!
  • Pam Almond for being a great mentor to her team and student teacher!
  • Lava Jaeger
    For always giving us a reason to smile.
  • Kate Garrison is the most organized person I know. She keeps me sane during crazy days, encourages, and is a team player. She always has kids as her top priority and knows how to show them the love they need.
  • Debbie Falkner because she has been such an inspiration to everyone! She is such a strong woman and a hard working teacher!
  • Lisa Smith because I don't believe she got the benefits of last month's recognition due to her situation. As well as when coming back to school she was in such high spirits after going through such a difficult time.
  • I nominate Peg Summers for her positive attitude and professionalism with regard to testing. She is always organized and keeps up with communication so that everyone knows what is happening and when. She relieves some of the stress associated with testing. She is very supportive of all staff and students. Not only that, Peg goes above and beyond by giving thank you notes often accompanied by treats to test administrators and proctors following testing rounds. Gotta love and appreciate Peg's graciousness and leadership in testing.
  • Paula Everett because she juggles so many different roles: from mentor to Tier III facilitator to being a team player on the Tier II team! She always goes the extra mile.
  • Angie Headley- fantastic book fair!
  • Pat Craner- always willing to stop whatever project he is in the middle of to help fix a printer, find a lost file, or whatever else needs to be done.
  • Kate Garrison
    Kate is doing an amazing job as the mentor coordinator. She is organized efficient, approachable, patient, and compassionate. She is making a huge difference in the lives of many professionals both young and old. She also took a big leadership role in coordinating the family pizza night for the Book Fair. (and who knows what else) She is a committed, behind the scenes, not looking for glory for herself, kind of person!