GMOs in Africa

The Affect on the Economy and your Body

The Affect on your body

Genetically Modified Organisms or GMOs have a minor effect on your body but after lots of one consuming them they can start to lead to problems. Some things that can happen are effects on your liver, heart, or kidneys. The effects are not instant and unnoticeable but over time it can snowball to a point that is very serious.

The Reason African Farmers take GM Crops with Open Arms

Farmers in Africa have been accepting GMOs because they increase their profit substantially. The increase in the economy but it isn't worth the affect on our body, given if a problem occurred their medical bill would be more than the extra money from the crops anyway. Also they are negatively affecting others not just themselves, and if others don't want to eat GM crops then they shouldn't have to. The problem is most of food is genetically modified, unless you buy organic food so unless you find specially made food, you have to eat GM crops. I personally feel that the economic growth is not worth the negative impact on ones health.


A way to reduce the growing and selling of GM crops would be for a law to be set where one can only grow and sell GM crops if they are under a certain poverty line. Granted this won't eliminate GM crops but that is impossible to do that at one time. This way people who need the extra money can get it, as well as decreasing the consumption of GM crops.