All about Canada

Rachel Lemon

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Where People Live

Canada is a big place,but people choose to live in certain areas because of certain reasons.

Ninety percent of Canada's population lives 100 miles away from the United States-Candian border. Eighty percent of Canada's exports go the United States. The share 3,000 mile border so trade is easy. That is one reason that affects where Canadians live Another affect is the climate. Canada is up north so it is naturally cold, therefore people prefer to live in the southeast area because it is a lot warmer there with a temperate climate. Climate helps Canada's trade, the southern part is good for farming . There are longer growing season in the south, that means they can produce crops and trade. Rivers and Lakes have an abundance of fish so people like to live near the St Lawrence River. The St. Lawrence river goes from south to north.There is also good soil in the south that makes for great farming. Up north where it is cooler lies a lot timber, even though it is cold people live there so they can cut down trees and get timber for trading. There are also mountains and not many people want to live there .These are couple of things that affect where people live.

Environmental Issues

Like most places Canada has some environmental issues. The first one is Acid Rain in the great lakes. Canada has a growing industry. Factories are burning coal and this is causing air pollution. Also trucks are causing air pollution. The pollution is getting mixed together with water in the clouds, this is causing acid rain. Acid rain is affecting the great lakes by getting into the water that the fish are in and the animals are drinking. There are other impacts like it was unsafe to fish in the great lakes for a while, plants and animals are getting killed. This is not about acid rain, but factories are dumping their waste in the lakes is not helping the condition at all. The pollution in the great lakes is causing the food chain to suffer. The Canadian shield is a strip of land where mining of minerals are occurring . Digging with the heavy machinery is causing damage to the land around the mine and it is ruining the environment . Also mining is releasing chemicals that are contributing to acid precipitation. The mining is destroying many animal's homes. Timber is a big natural resource for Canada and is great for making money ,but people are just taking to much off it. Many citizens are concerned that logging industries are destroy the lovely forest Canada has. Even if companies only want one tree they cut most of the trees in a general area. It is basically leaving holes in the forest. The machinery is also killing the plants on the ground,and compacting the ground and making it difficult for other things to grow. Much more erosion is occurring because there is noting holding the soil in place. Those are the main environmental issues in Canada.


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